Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kitchen Designs – 5 Kitchen Renovations To Complement Your Aesthetic

Be it large or small, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a place where you enjoy scrumptious food with your loved ones. Not only that, your kitchen speaks volumes about your taste and lifestyle. Each element has a significant impact on its overall appearance.

If you’re considering revamping your kitchen, here are 5 factors to keep in mind:

Make use of color

Everything looks good in color, even your kitchen. Color affects us in so many different ways we can’t imagine. It has the ability to stimulate our imagination and emotions, and set the atmosphere in any room.
Color is indeed a powerful tool that can magnify the appeal of your kitchen. Therefore, choose a combination of colors to express your vibrant nature and distinct style. Don’t just stick to the same old whites and creams; mix things up.
From black, white and gold to mahogany, gray and rose, choose the right kitchen color combination that suits your personality and taste.

Lighting matters

Lighting is often the most neglected detail in the kitchen. A well-lit kitchen creates the perfect balance. Invest in high quality bulbs and fixtures and place them strategically in your kitchen.
Don’t make the mistake of putting up a single glaring bulb in the middle of the kitchen ceiling. Instead, invest in energy savers if you want a bright space.  
In addition, you can use task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting separately or together. However, keep the size of the kitchen in mind. Don’t overdo lighting. You can also install a few dimmers around the kitchen to create a warm, comfortable effect. Above all, make sure your kitchen gets the right amount of natural light.

Embrace different cabinet materials

Kitchen cabinets come in many materials, such as wood, metal, laminate, stainless steel and more. While each material has its pros and cons, it is a good idea to use more than one material to create a better flow. You can also use the same material but in contrasting colors or finishes.

Use open shelving

Open shelving is a modern, clean and economical design concept. It enhances accessibility and storage in a kitchen. Moreover, you can make a fantastic visual impact by displaying your dishware collection on the shelves.
However, dusting is a major hassle about open shelves. As they are open, you will have to dust the shelves more frequently.
Use the open shelving concept wisely. Don’t overdo it. In fact, combine wall cabinets and open shelving to create an interesting visual effect.

Know your cabinets

Inaccurate cabinet measurement is a common mistake that can delay your kitchen renovation project. If you don’t have the exact measurements, the cabinet door won’t work properly. Call in an expert, such as Kitchen Cabinetry of Naples, to take care of your cabinet measurement.  
Kitchen Cabinetry of Naples offers high quality kitchen cabinets Naples FL at affordable prices. The company specializes in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, as well as cabinets for laundry rooms, bathrooms and closets.  Explore their exquisite, practical designs for kitchen cabinets.


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