Friday, July 15, 2016

Top Tips To Maintain Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Most people consider the kitchen as the busiest space in their home. Even if kept in top-notch condition, certain areas, such as the cabinets, attract a lot of dirt, dust and grease.

As a result, the quality of kitchen cabinets, especially wooden cabinets, begins to deteriorate.

It is imperative to deep clean it to extend its life span. Here are some useful tips to help you clean and maintain wood kitchen cabinets: 

  • Remove all items from the cabinet. Take out one item a time, especially delicate dinnerware items.
  •  Clean all those items that you have removed. Wash and dry everything. Clean them properly because you don’t want to put back dirty things inside the cabinet. 
  •  Use a soft, dry cloth to clean cabinet interior. Dust the cabinet’s interior.
  •   After cleaning the interior, clean the outside with a fresh dry cloth. Remember to wipe the knobs and molding.


For stubborn stains, you may have to use cleansers. Below are some handy cleansers that must already be available in your kitchen:  


Vinegar won’t cause any damage to the wood quality or finishing. Combine a cup of water and white vinegar. Place this solution in a bottle. Use a vinegar-soaked cloth to get rid of grease. Wipe it off with a clean sponge after a few minutes.
For hard-to-clean stains, use a toothbrush instead of cloth. Add some salt to the vinegar and water mixture. Use gentle stokes; don’t resort to over-scrubbing. Otherwise, scratches might occur on the wood.

Baking soda 

Make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Use this mixture to clean hardened stains and food spills. Baking soda will remove the substance, without causing any harm to the cabinet surface.
If this doesn’t work, leave the paste on the desired areas for at least 10 minutes. Thereafter, you can scrub it off. Be careful though. You don’t want any scratches on the cabinet.


A mild detergent can also be used to clean cabinets. Place it onto a clean cloth. Male sure the cloth is damp, not soaking wet. 

Don’t use bleach as it contains harsh chemicals that will ruin your wood cabinets. Make sure to dry cabinets with a clean cloth. Use a dye-free cloth to prevent color bleeding. 

As a rule, dust your kitchen cabinets every day. Also, aim to, at least, wipe its exterior after cooking. The longer you wait to clean them, the more dust and grease they accumulate. Don’t forget to clean underneath the cabinets as well.

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