Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wall Hung vs. Floor Mounted: Which Closet Is Best For You?

Homeowners today are taking the custom-made route when outfitting their homes with cabinets and closets.
The reason is simple. Not only does customized kitchen and bathroom storage offer less hassle when it comes to fitting inside a room; but in addition, only the best quality building materials are used to make the cabinetry.
Yes, taking the customized route can also be easy on the wallet! Make sure to choose the right type of custom closet as THAT is the most important consideration!

Two Types of Custom Closets – Wall Hung and Floor Mounted

While both options will provide homeowners will the necessary storage they need – either in their kitchen or bathroom ­– one type may actually suit the room’s layout better. We will examine the main differences between the two types of custom closets. 

Wall Hung Closet System
This type of closet attaches to the wall with the help of a steel railing, which is secured at the studs. The wall hung closet system as the name implies ‘hangs’ on the wall and doesn’t extend to the floor. This makes it easier for homeowners to clean beneath the closet or change flooring!
Of course choosing this closet system has its benefits but you should also take of care of some important considerations. They are:

  • Choose to have your closet custom built

  •  Make sure the custom manufacturer offers warranty 

Floor Mounted Closet System
As the name suggests, the floor mounted closet systems extend to the floor and are attached with the help of brackets. This assures the units attached to walls can’t be pulled forward. Out of the two custom closets, floor mounted require a little more work during installation. You may have to remove the base trim in certain spots or entirely, as in some cases. 

The main benefits of this closet system are deeper shelving and more weight holding ability, due to the structural advantages offered. 

This type of custom closet also offers many aesthetical advantages as well. One benefit is the increased flexibility in the form of adding or editing doors and drawers when building the closet. The overall look that floor mounted closets provide is another benefit.

Both types of closets can be easily customized, although it’s not uncommon to see a combination in some homes. 

Talk to Kitchen Cabinetry of Naples and get an idea of which type of custom closet will suit your space best!  We got best collection of custom wood closets.  


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