Thursday, December 22, 2016

Installing A Kitchen Cabinet In A Tight Space? Here Is Why You Should Consider Customizable Options!

More people than ever before are taking the custom-made look when it comes to household furniture, because, why not?

With a wide plethora of options available as well as custom furniture makers, homeowners can now order a piece of furniture (say a kitchen cabinet) made according to their chosen design and preferences!

Custom kitchen cabinets have helped homeowners deal with small space kitchens and even encouraged following an overall home design theme or layout.

Thinking of designing your own kitchen cabinets? Think of the many benefits offered by this project!

Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

As one of the leading and high quality kitchen cabinetmakers in Naples, Florida, Kitchen Cabinetry of Naples highlights benefits of custom kitchen cabinets as the following:

 Built to Last

A lot of skilled labor and time goes into making even once custom cabinet. In fact, custom furniture pieces are usually made and assembled by hand—not on assembly lines which increases durability factor of such furniture, especially wooden pieces.

Cabinet makers learn and utilize their trade, passed through generations of skilled cabinet makers and so take great pride in their work. Even something simple as a wooden stool is made using quality wood and materials to ensure a high quality and built to last finished product. 

Build to Fit

There is a reason why homeowners with a small space layout often prefer custom kitchen cabinets and other furniture. Stock cabinets are designed for stock or basic kitchen sizes, which means you will be either left with some wall space to fill in (after cabinet installation) or none at all.

Filler items are important, but should be used sparingly, or as needed. As for no wall space at all, we all know the horrors of a cluttered apartment with an unconventional floor plan.

The deciding factor for homeowners when it comes to choosing custom kitchen cabinets and furniture for their homes is that custom cabinets can be built to any specified size! This helps make every possible space usable and takes advantage of the entire kitchen floor plan, while taking care of aesthetics and practicality.

Local Sourcing of Materials and Labor

One primary concern many homeowners have regarding designing their home with wooden furniture is the quality of material used.

Skill and expertise of craftsman is also a concern. Most local kitchen cabinetmakers utilize highest quality wood and other materials, right from home! Moreover, custom cabinet making provides homeowners with a much broader choice and quality of wood.

Finding reliable and expertly skilled craftsmen for building, assembling and installing your custom kitchen cabinets isn’t difficult like most homeowners believe.

Following are just 8 questions that you must ask all shortlisted cabinet makers.

  • What materials will be used in making the cabinets?
  • How will you assemble the piece?
  • What are the available finishes and will the piece be finished in-shop or on-site?
  • How will you make the drawers and slide out shelves? Will high quality wood used for this?
  • What material will the cabinet doors be made of? What will the style and design be?
  • Will I have to provide the design drawings or will you?
  • How much time will it take to make and install the cabinets?
  • Is assembly and installation included in your services and final quote? 
Custom kitchen cabinets and other wooden furniture will help make your home stand out.

High quality wood paired with skilled craftsmanship and assembly will offer an elegant and unique touch to your furniture that is not seen with stock furniture. It is a good investment! Make it an even better one by giving this task to Kitchen Cabinetry of Naples!

We offer numerous customized options not just for kitchen cabinetry but also for laundry rooms, bathrooms, and closets!


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