Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Fresh Take on Classic Kitchen Décor: Wonderful Wood!

Chances are your kitchen is truly serving its purpose as the busiest place in the entire home—a bustling station for all the family action, fun and food preparation.
Your kitchen cabinets should be strong enough to take a lifetime of bashing.
And all the while, these need to continue to enhance the beauty of the space with their exquisite colors and finish.
Kitchen surfaces are some of the most vulnerable, beautiful and yet the most useful across a home. So what are you doing to ensure that your kitchen cabinets turn out eye-catching and affordable at the same time?

Choose The Right Wood Species For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is a natural product; it’s available in a variety of colors, textures and designs!
Also when you select solid wood cabinets for your modern kitchen, you get the advantage of unique charms of beauty of this material, along with our superior expertise in creating the most exquisite kitchen cabinets in Naples FL.
Here at Naples Kitchen Cabinetry & Designs, we offer resilient wood cabinets that have become a benchmark of our fine cabinetry service. Here’s just a quick look at the wood species you can order with us:

1. Cherry

Widely admired for its rich, deep tones and satin smooth texture, cherry is perfect for kitchen cabinets. The beautiful color of this hardwood deepens further with time and exposure to sunlight.

2. Maple

Known for creamy white to lighter brown shades, maple wood lends itself nicely to painted and stained finishes.

3. Knotty Alder

If you are going for that old-world glamour, knotty alder won’t disappoint. The informal appearance and smooth color, ranging from reddish-brown to light honey, lends itself nicely to big family kitchen.

4. Red Oak

The beautiful grain and distinctive arch patterns of    red oak look divine in the prevalent white to light   brown coloring with very noticeable reddish hues.

 5. Hickory

Beautifully dramatic color variations can contrast from cream to dark brown all within the same panel. This is a dense and strong hardwood. 

Perfect Kitchen Cabinetry Finish: An Indication of High Quality! 
When done right, kitchen cabinets make a great first impression on visitors. And make the kitchen the perfect hangout for all friends and family. Invest in our kitchen cabinetry products that will leave your kitchen looking amazing.
Check out the range of choices available in design for kitchen cabinets for your home in Naples,FL Or give us a call at 239-643-5661 for more personalized guidance.


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